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How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

February 6th, 2016
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How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

The five-paragraph essay is the most common essay one is required to write. It contains five paragraphs each for an introduction, three body paragraphs and the last for the conclusion. The introduction consists of a hook statement, a thesis sentence and brief description of the three sub-topics to be discussed in the body. The introduction briefly discusses the main idea in a few sentences.

This is followed by the three body paragraphs. The first body paragraph states the first sub-idea which is usually the strongest point. It should open with a smooth transition from the introductory paragraph. The argument or supporting sentences follow. These provide evidence for the point stated and add more weight to the argument being presented in the paragraph. According to writemyessay, the last sentence provides an introduction to the next paragraph.

The next paragraph describes the second strongest point in detail. As usual one needs to start by stating the topic sentence while relating each point to the main idea. It is also allowed to add one’s own ideas and commentary after giving the supporting idea. The commentary could be about the examples and evidence provided to support the idea being discussed in the paragraph.

The last body paragraph starts with the topic sentence and is a transition from the preceding paragraph. It usually describes the least strong point of the overall argument. While all the paragraphs describe a unique point of the argument presented in the overall essay, it is necessary that they are connected and present a systematic flow of ideas. The entire body of the essay should be a part of the essay while still maintaining its independence in terms of ideas and depth of description of these ideas.

The conclusion restates the thesis and is meant to provide completeness to the essay and closure to the reader.  It summarizes the three points described in the body and includes the final statement by the author. The conclusion should create a lasting impression on the reader and should not provide new information. The author could conclude by using a global statement when writing an informative essay or a call of action in the case of a persuasive paper.