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New England Database Summit 2011

January 26th, 2011
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The New England database community will hold the fourth Annual New England Database Summit (NEDS) on January 28th at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In this all day conference-style event, participants from the research community and industry in the New England area come together to present ideas and discuss their research and experiences. Registration for the event is free, and anyone is welcome to attend. The event will feature keynotes from Donald Kossman (Professor at ETH Zurich), and Renée Miller, Professor at the University of Toronto.

The Brown Data Management Group will be presenting our query performance prediction research. Mert Akdere will discuss his learning-based techniques for predicting analytical query QoS and Jennie Duggan‘s work on forecasting the same with concurrency. Finally, we will introduce Longview, our new predictive database project.

We hope to see you there.


Database Courses in Spring 2011

January 25th, 2011
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For the Spring 2011 semester, the Brown Data Management Group is offering two seminar courses:

  • CSCI 2950-T: Human-in-the-Loop Data Management
    A seminar course that will cover various aspects of human-in-the-loop data analysis and exploration.
    Topics will include visual interfaces, online processing, user modeling, query relaxation, recommendations, collaborative and crowd sourced query processing.
    The first meeting is on Wednesday, Jan 26 at 3pm (room: CIT 345)
  • CSCI 2270: Advanced Topics in Database Management
    A seminar course on Non-standard, Web-scale databases, also known as NoSQL systems.
    Topics will include the fundamentals of parallel and NoSQL databases, cloud computing databases, partitioned main memory systems, and column-store databases. The course will also include an overview and analysis of state-of-the-art NoSQL systems currently used in industry.
    The first meeting is on Monday, Jan 31 at 3pm (room: CIT 367)

As usual, the Database Reading Group will meet bi-weekly. All students who are interested in database research are welcomed.


Academic Year 2010-2011 Kicks Off

August 26th, 2010
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We welcome new students and returning students for the start of the new academic year. For the Fall semester, we offer:

For the Spring semester, we will offer CSCI2950-T and CSCI2270. Please note that CSCI2950-T is offered in Spring this year.

Also, the Database Reading Group will meet bi-weekly on Friday Wednesday noon to discuss database papers. We welcome all students who are interested in database research to the meeting.